Language and linguistics

Here is some information about two of my books – not on multilingualism, but geared to multilingual users of English. Both are co-authored with Sunita Anne Abraham.

If you’re curious about what linguists do and how they think, 
and if you’re tired of introductory linguistics books 
that in fact introduce you to the linguistics of English, 
try these books, for a change.

     = Textbook, 2011 =
 The Language of Language. A Linguistics Course for Starters (3rd edition) 

Download the book – full text (8.7 MB)

Download the book – preview

       Book reviews

       - Rebecca Helm-Ropelato
Excerpt: “What is especially fun – works great as a word game – are the dozens of boxed questions running through the chapters. [...] But lest I mislead by highlighting the book’s entertaining content, it’s important to emphasize that The Language of Language is a substantive scholarly work.
         Read the full review here.

       - Colleen Holt
“The Language of Language provides an excellent overview of introductory concepts in linguistics and is suitable for students from a range of backgrounds. Concepts are explained using simple language and each chapter provides a sound overview of fundamental knowledge in each topic area. The inclusion of language puzzles and games allows students to develop their critical analysis skills while exploring language in an engaging and amusing format. Particularly useful for educators is the wealth of resources provided through the website, with annotated exercises being a real bonus for time-poor academics.
        Lecturer (Master of Speech Pathology, University of Melbourne)

    = Workbook, 2012 =
    Lang101 Workbook. Linguistics Exercises & Activities for Starters
Download the book – full text (8.8 MB)

Download the book – preview

Both books, as well as extra materials for instructors, are also in the public domain at Open Educational Resources: textbook and workbook.


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